We believe you are, but its our job to improve that fitness

What Is FitFilliate?

Answer us this: Do you write yourself a paycheck your kids would be proud of? Have you taken a vacation longer than 10 days in the last 2 years? Do you believe in your business or is it just a job? Are you sick of people selling you "7 figure” solutions and services without even knowing your gym?

We are too! Fit-Filliate is a collective of small business and fitness consultants. A group of humans who set out to simply help others and have now set out to increase that reach by solving the stresses of gym owners. Gym owners pose the best solution to one of the world’s biggest problems: Obesity. However, they are only effective if the businesses are healthy. So we saw our calling, to lend our collective experience to get owners and their gyms healthy.

Take control of your life, your affiliate, your business. We apply fitness to business and reclaim your freedom!

How Does Fit-Filliate Help?

FitFilliate is the Anti-Guru, we don’t want to change your business, just make it fitter. Consistency and accountability are not only the cornerstones of fitness they are of business as well. Small business ownership is not a one size fits all problem or solution, especially small gym ownership. We know and respect that you wear many hats and face more frustrations and obstacles than almost anyone understands. Unlike many people out there we aren’t here to offer vague advice, we are here to provide clarity. Helping you set, maintain, monitor, and adhere to key performance indicators, so you can do one thing: Grow your business and in turn, get your life back! What do we do? CrossFit Affiliate Services and CrossFit Affiliate Business Development,

We take the stress out of business management. We are not in the guru business, we are in the freedom business. We are coaches.

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